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VARJO virtual reality headset

INO VR is the official reseller of Varjo headsets and accessories. We develop, in partnership with Varjo, tailor-made solutions for equipment, PCs, and connected transport cases.

Varjo XR-3

The world's only mixed reality headset with the resolution of the human eye (over 70 PPD) and the widest field of view (115 degrees) ensuring the most naturally immersive mixed reality experience ever.

With precise, individually calibrated colors for unmatched realism, the Varjo XR-3 sets a new industry standard for visual fidelity through realities.

Industry's highest resolution (over 70 ppd) and widest field of view (115 °).

The widest color gamut ever achieved is 99% with RGB and 93% with the DCI-P3 color space for the most realistic scenes ever.

LiDAR-powered depth awareness for pixel-perfect real-time occlusion and 3D world reconstruction.

Built-in Ultraleap manual tracking and built-in 200Hz eye tracking for natural interactions.

Indoor to outdoor tracking (beta), providing flexibility for deployments without the need for base stations.

Varjo VR-3

The full-format bionic display offers the industry's highest resolution over the widest field of view (115 degrees). With a resolution of more than 70 pixels per degree at the center of the field of view, you can see and read the smallest details in virtual reality with perfect clarity. And with color accuracy that matches 99% of the sRGB color space, everything looks exactly as it does in the real world.

Industry's highest resolution (over 70 ppd) and widest field of view (115 °).

The world's fastest and most accurate built- in eye tracker at 200Hz and built-in Ultraleap manual tracking to accurately capture natural hand movements

Total comfort with a 3-point adjusted headband to allow longer virtual reality sessions

Auto IPD, 90Hz frame rate and custom lenses reduce eye strain and simulator sickness

Wide compatibility with professional 3D software you are already using

Varjo Aero

Varjo Aero offers a generational leap in visual fidelity for professionals and advanced RV users.

With a future-proof optical design and a stunning dual mini-LED display, Aero is the lightest and brightest professional-grade headset ever.

Two mini-LED displays with industry-leading fidelity , 150 nits brightness and 115 ° field of view for breathtaking clarity.

No annual software subscription and full access to Varjo Base software updates, including a high definition virtual office with Varjo Workspace.

Automatic IPD adjustment and super-fast 200Hz built -in eye tracking for an optimal, tailored experience for every user, every time.

Premium lightweight comfort with a precise 3-point adjustment headband, active cooling and optimized ergonomics for long-lasting use.

Enjoy the ultimate experience of SteamVR content, including Microsoft Flight Simulator, and excel with professional 3D software such as Gravity Sketch and KeyVR.

Our tailor-made VARJO products

valise shift ino vr et casque de réalité virtuelle varjo

Our Shift Varjo Edition solution offers several innovations to facilitate the deployment, use and transport of your headset:

  • Integration of the linkboxes in the case, you only have 2 USB-C sockets to connect

  • Integration of the Varjo headset power supply, no more need for 2 sockets to use your headset

  • Power up to get the most out of your Varjo headset with high-end GPU integration: RTX A6000 / RTX 3090

  • Military certified case and very high density foaming to secure and protect your equipment during transport

Shift by INO-VR



Developed in partnership with Varjo, this is the first mobile solution compatible with Varjo headsets.

varjoino (1).jpg
ordinateur tout en un all in one ino vr et un homme qui utilise un casque de réalité virtuelle htc vive pro

All in One by INO-VR

An all-in-one, compact and powerful desktop PC to accompany your Varjo headset

valise avec moussage personnalisé pour casque de réalité virtuelle varjo

Our transport cases  Varjo PC  in detail :

  •   High-end military certified suitcase

  • High density foaming

  • Customization on demand

  • 645 x 508 x 368 mm

valise de réalité virtuelle

Transport case

PC desktop + Varjo

A simple and robust transport case: store your desktop PC and your Varjo headset to travel serenely!

moussage personnalisé pour casque de réalité virtuelle
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