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Standalone VR case

Carry your standaloneVR headset and

its accessories with complete peace of mind


Compatible with the latest standalone VR headset

Padded divider and infinitely adaptable storage

Waterproof and impact-resistant, military certified

Hand luggage size and light

Adapt your VR suitcase to your needs

The standalone InoVR case is equipped with removable padded dividers. You can thus adapt the arrangement of the storage of your briefcase according to your needs, your virtual reality headset and your accessories. The standalone VR case is delivered pre-configured for the selected helmet model, but you can modify the organization of your case at your convenience.

Routeur WiFi


Dividers included


Velcro system

Rechargez vos appareils directement dans la valise

Perfect for protect and transport your standalone VR headset


With its cabin luggage format, the standalone InoVR suitcase allows you to safely transport your virtual reality headset.

Professional meetings, demonstrations, virtual tours, equipment rental, the standalone case is perfect for compatible applications with standalone virtual reality headsets.

Cabin OK

< 11 lbs

Compatible with standalone VR headsets

Request compatibility

For professional use,

without limit


Traveling with your virtual reality headset is essential for many activities: training, real estate, commercial, events ... Protecting it and taking all your accessories with you when traveling is a priority.

The standalone Ino VR case is also a perfect solution for sending virtual reality experiences directly to its customers or prospects.

Accessories and an unrivaled level of personalization


Choose the color of your standalone case from 6 colors to choose from: black, gray, olive, orange, silver and yellow.

logo moussage personnalisation
logo personnsalisation sur valise

Personnalisation des valises et des moussages à l'image de votre société ou application.


Essential accessories for the use of virtual reality: protection of VR headsets, disinfection kit, padlock, shoulder strap ...

Consider cleaning your virtual reality headset and controllers before and after each use to limit the spread of viruses and bacteria. Simple and effective solutions exist, ask the Ino VR team for advice.

Virtual reality in business

Take your business to the next level

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