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Pico virtual reality headset


Ino-VR is the official reseller of Pico Interactive headsets and accessories. In partnership with Pico Interactive, we are developing tailor-made solutions for connected transport equipment and cases.

Pico G2 Series

The Pico G2 series offers the best standalone 3Dof headphones. Sleek design and maximum comfort and 4K resolution for a premium experience.
See more detail and vivid colors when using the G2 4K.

Thought for businesses.

Kiosk Mode

Dedicate the Pico G2 4K headphones to a single app for simple, focused use cases.

Control without joystick

No controller, no problem. The Pico G2 4K has a hands-free control option that allows for easy “watch and choose” selection.

Hygienic Design

Each Pico G2 4K has replaceable PU face inserts that are easy to clean and hygienic for mass use.

casque de réalité virtuelle pico g2
casque de réalité virtuelle pico g2

Crystal clear images.

Featuring a 4K LCD display with 3840 x 2160 resolution, the Pico G2 4K offers the user a first-rate viewing experience. With a refresh rate of 75Hz and a ppi of 818, the G2 4K delivers brighter and clearer picture quality.

2 versions available

         PICO G2 4K                              PICO G2 4K enterprise


Screen: 4K

CPU: Qualcomm Snapdragon 835

Weight: 470g

Refresh rate: 75Hz

Storage: 64Gb

Contents:  Pico Store, Viveport

Tracking:  3DoF


Screen: 4K

CPU: Qualcomm Snapdragon 835

Weight: 490g

Refresh rate: 75Hz

Storage: 128 Gb

Contents:  Pico Store, Viveport

Tracking:  3DoF

Kiosk mode, casting, and controller-less control are available on all devices.

All devices support Micro-SD cards up to 256 GB.

The experts' opinion 

Logo Ino-VR 2021.png

This 3dof headset (understand, 3 degrees of freedom), is primarily intended for the consumption of content, such as photos and 360 ° videos. It has comfortable technical characteristics but above all a particularly relevant professional orientation.

Pico Neo 3 Pro / Pro Eye

Equipped with the powerful Qualcomm XR2 processor, 6 GB (Neo 3 Pro) or 8 GB (Neo 3 Pro Eye) RAM, 256 GB on-board storage and a 3664 x 1920 LCD screen with With a PPI of 773 and a refresh rate of up to 90 Hz, these headsets are among the most powerful stand-alone headsets on the market.

Optical precision.

The Neo 3 Pro delivers an improved precision and latency experience with 6DoF controllers that use 32 optical tracking sensors for positioning in complex environments. Combined with four wide-angle cameras that bring true positioning and millimeter tracking close to the helmet, stable tracking can be achieved even in bright or dark environments.

The user mapping is both robust and open, allowing a wider range of uses without requiring additional devices or installation costs.

casque de réalité virtuelle pico neo 3 pro eye

Cross-platform capability

With support for Bluetooth 5.1 and WiFi, the Neo 3 Pro offers wired and wireless streaming options.

The Pico Neo 3 Pro and Neo 3 Pro Eye will also support NVIDIA's Direct Mode, offering a native 4K @ 90Hz high-bandwidth wired connection for VR streaming. The entire Neo 3 headset family also supports Nvidia CloudXR ™, allowing businesses to integrate VR into their workflows to drive design reviews, virtual production, location-based entertainment and more.

Neo 3 Pro headsets support all major development engines, including openXR, allowing developers to build powerful business applications.

DisplayPort connection

The DisplayPort output function on the Neo 3 Pro and Neo 3 Pro Eye models allows VR content to be presented on a screen or TV, with an appropriate USB to HDMI or DisplayPort adapter.



Combined with fully hygienic materials, the unique counterbalance design provides maximum comfort and integrated business features, businesses will have greater freedom and flexibility with the Neo 3 Pro range to deliver applications and a revolutionary commitment, whatever the sector.


Integrated Eye Tracking

In addition to the features of the Neo 3 Pro model, the Neo 3 Pro Eye offers integrated eye tracking for improved mechanics and data collection allowing you to gain key user information.


The experts' opinion 

Logo Ino-VR 2021.png

Compared to the Oculus Quest 2, the Pico Neo 3 has a major advantage as it does not require a Facebook account to use the device. It is a very solid device, which has no obvious flaws and is quite good in all its features.

Need advice, to order or to deploy?

The INO VR team is at your service to help you choose the ideal VR headset for your project.

Expert in Virtual Reality, we support you for the deployment, installation and monitoring of your virtual reality fleet around the world.

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