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A wide range of VR equipment dedicated to professionals

VR cases, all-in-one cases, all-in-one workstation, laptop or desktop, VR accessories, standalone or high-end virtual reality headsets ...

Ino-VR is there to provide you with the equipment specially adapted to your needs.

valise shift de réalité virtuelle ino vr

Mobility & Efficiency

Our range of VR cases has been developed to secure and protect your equipment while on the go. Discover our high-end transport cases and set up in a few minutes.

ordinateur tout en un aio ino vr

Design & Performance

Our newborn, the first all-in-one computer designed for virtual reality. Cut for power in a sober and refined design, it is an ally of choice for the design of 3D projects and presentations.

ordinateur pour réalité virtuelle

Accessibility & Simplicity

No special constraints? No worries, we advise you and provide standard and professional virtual reality systems while maintaining a high level of customization.

Compatibility with all VR headsets

We strive to meet all your needs by making our products compatible with the most popular virtual reality headsets in the professional environment. Thanks to our close collaboration with the manufacturers, we regularly update our offers. It is your assurance that you are always up to date. Otherwise, our teams of engineers take care of customizing the products to meet your expectations.

Shift suitcases

The Shift by Ino-VR range is a patented all-in-one case allowing you to transport and install your high-end virtual reality system in the blink of an eye. Ideal for VR trainers, customer demos ...

Facilitate the pooling of VR equipment within a group.

valise shift ino vr pour réalité virtuelle
Valises VR

Laptop VR suitcases

The Laptop VR range is a set of robust and high-end suitcases to protect your VR-Ready laptop, virtual reality headset and accessories while on the go.

valise avec ordinateur portable laptop et casque de réalité virtuelle

Standalone VR suitcases

The Standalone VR range is a set of suitcases facilitating transport and protecting your autonomous virtual reality headset (Oculus Quest, HTC Vive Focus ...). Exists in Solo version and multi headsets for group VR workshops.


All in One

The All In One range is a VR-Ready computer and a touch screen combined in a single set. The advantage: a large screen to share the experience with spectators and control! Its high performance will accompany you throughout the day. Little more, its handle makes it easy to carry everywhere.

ordinateur tout en un aio ino vr

VR standards

Ino-VR puts its knowledge and hardware partners at your disposal to find the solution perfectly suited to your needs. Do you want a VR headset or a VR-Ready computer? Ask us.

ordinateur vr ready casque réalité virtuelle
Standards VR

Any questions about our products ? our services ? Need customization?

Our strength: a team that listens to your questions and comments.

Together, let us develop our offer in every detail thanks to our tailor-made design service. Colors, size of VR suitcases, custom foaming, let's see how to adapt our products to your desires.

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